Service Agreements

What is a service agreement?

A service agreement is a maintenance program specifically designed to give you and your family peace of mind. Regularly scheduled maintenance of your heating and cooling system will prolong your system’s in the long run. Our service agreement means your system will be cleaned and inspected once in the heating and once in the cooling season. No matter then make or model of your system Humphrey heating and air conditioning will alert you to any problems and correct them before it’s too late.

What types of service agreements do we offer?

We offer several types of service agreements from HVAC to Plumbing to Residential Standby Generators. Regardless of the type you choose you can feel confident knowing that Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc has the knowledge, experience, parts, equipment and staff to handle it all. Contact us to learn more or sign up today!

OUR SERVICE AGREEMENT WILL LENGTHEN THE LIFE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT, NO MATTER THE MAKE OR MODEL. Regular filter changes are helpful, but will not prevent clogging and reduced airflow. Dirty fan blower wheels and clogged refrigerant coils are the #1 cause of costly repairs and premature compressor failure, which leads to higher electric bills and uncomfortable indoor temperatures.

YOU CAN SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS AND GET PEACE OF MIND! With regularly scheduled check-ups, your system will operate with less power consumption, reduce your electric utility bills, and have a safer, cleaner, comfortable home or business. Most of all a Service Agreement will substantially lengthen the life of your equipment, regardless of the Make or Model.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO YOUR COMFORT! Should you ever have questions or problems with your heating or cooling system, a service agreement guarantees you'll receive prompt, professional, courteous, around-the-clock Priority Service from Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.