The Benefits of Coastal HVAC Equipment

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Although enjoyable for most of us, coastal weather can be pretty brutal on HVAC units. The salt and high humidity are highly corrosive to metallic components, gradually eroding the unit and reducing its performance. Using coastal HVAC equipment is the most effective way to control this problem and keep your AC on.

The Benefits of Coastal HVAC Equipment

What is Coastal HVAC Equipment?

Coastal HVAC equipment is designed to increase the resilience of your HVAC unit to harsh coastal elements. This is achieved by applying a special coating on the exposed metallic surfaces of your unit that are very prone to corrosion damage. The coating is applied on standard HVAC equipment intended for coastal areas, giving them a layer of corrosion protection.

What are the Benefits of Coastal HVAC Equipment?

Coastal HVAC equipment offers a few added benefits over traditional equipment, such as:

  • Longer life. The most significant advantage of owning coastal HVAC equipment is that it will have a longer life. The coating offers an added layer of protection to metallic components that take a beating in salty and humid environments. This prolongs your unit’s life, meaning you won’t have to deal with frequent costly replacements for corroded components.
  • Better Appearance. Traditional outdoor units typically suffer the most in coastal areas. Their exposed surfaces corrode quickly due to constant exposure, giving them a rusty, unsightly appearance. To avoid this, you can use coastal HVAC equipment, which can maintain its vibrant appearance for many years.

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