How often do I need to change my air filters? Once a month is a general rule of thumb for most people and situations. Use caution with leaving in filters for extended periods of time even if the filter states it is rated for a certain number of days. Thicker filters regardless of if they are thick from dust/debris build-up or thick from the amount/type of material they are built with can cause reduced airflow and possibly shorten the overall life of your HVAC system.

You are coming to my home to perform a Service Call that I called you about because my HVAC unit is not working, when is my payment due? Payment is due immediately upon completion of Service.

Do you accept personal checks, cash, or credit cards? Yes, we accept all forms of payments.

What brand of HVAC can you work on? We work and service all brands, makes, and models of HVAC Equipment.

Do you require your HVAC Technicians to be fully certified in HVAC? Yes, we require our technicians to be certified in many aspects of the industry. Some examples of this are:

  • EPA Certification
  • NATE Certification
  • Professional Level HVAC Excellence Certification
  • Master Level HVAC Excellence Certification
  • Comfort Specialist Certification

Is Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, INC locally owned? Yes, we are locally owned and operated. Founded right here in Jacksonville, NC by the Humphrey family. We have been in business serving our surrounding community since 1967!

Do you work on Geothermal HVAC Equipment? Yes, we also service and replace all types of Geothermal HVAC Equipment.

Is it important that the HVAC Company I hire is fully licensed and insured? Absolutely! Any company that works on your home or property without proper insurance is a disaster waiting to happen whether it be an injury to one of their employees, an injury to you the homeowner, or even bad quality work or incomplete work. Have a fully insured HVAC Company should be at the top of the list of “Must Haves” when it comes to your home and assets.

I’ve decided to get you to replace my existing HVAC system with a new one ... How long is this process going to take? First off, you’ve made a great choice! In most scenarios, a complete HVAC replacement from existing equipment to new equipment can be done within an 8-hour time frame. We strive to be as efficient as possible and when we leave, the new system will be up and running and only you will know we were ever there (of course everyone will know when you get your new Electric Bill, because you will be screaming about how much money you are now saving)!!!

Do you offer a Military Discount? Yes. We love and support our Military and to show that love, beginning March 1, 2021, we will give a Military discount for all Active-Duty Service and Retired Service Members regardless of the branch that was served. All you need is your current Military ID.

Your HVAC Technician just notified me that they are going to be recommending my HVAC system for replacement, now what? Rest easy. Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, INC has been doing this since 1967! We have the protocols in place to make this transition easy and effortless on your part. Once a Professional Service Technician makes this recommendation a Comfort Specialist will be in contact with you, many times within just hours. Your comfort specialist will collect information from the Technician such as Model Numbers, Serial Numbers, Unit age, pictures, etc. then your Comfort Specialist will build a custom-tailored proposal just for you and your home and present it to you.

If I replace my outdoor unit, should I replace my indoor unit as well? In most cases, the answer is yes. There are multiple reasons why you should be replacing both pieces of equipment at the same time. Some factors are reduced efficiency, outdated equipment, higher energy consumption, no “full coverage warranty” etc.

Why should I replace my existing R-22 refrigerant unit with a new R-410A Puron unit? R-22 refrigerant and equipment are being phased out as Montreal Protocol regulations intend to reduce the impact on the ozone. The result of this phase-out makes replacing existing R-22 related parts such as compressors, evaporator coils, valves, etc. obsolete, almost impossible to find. Replacing your unit now will certainly save you extra costs and headaches in the future.

Do I get a discount if I am a current Service Agreement Customer? YES! Our current Service Agreement customers receive many perks:

  • No Overtime Fees
  • 15% discount on Labor during normal hours
  • Priority “Cut the line” service 24/7
  • Extended life of HVAC system
  • Click here for more information as well as pricing

Why would I need a yearly Service Contract for my HVAC system? A yearly service contract is the best way to protect your HVAC system. Studies have shown that the average HVAC unit will live up to 7 years longer with proper preventative maintenance. A yearly service contract also ensures your HVAC equipment is running correctly and using the appropriate amount of energy as well as continually keeping your home at your preferred comfort level. Click here (insert a link to the Service Agreement page) for even more reasons as to why a service agreement is the right choice as well as just how affordable it really is.

What causes an AC to freeze up? There are multiple reasons as to why an AC would be frozen and all of them require professional diagnoses and capabilities of a certified HVAC technician.

Here are a few examples of reasons that your AC may be frozen:

  • Low refrigerant (leak in the sealed portion of the HVAC system)
  • Dirty evaporator coil
  • Bad Thermal Expansion Valve (commonly referred to as a “TXV”)
  • Defective Blower wheel/motor
  • Improperly designed/installed ductwork (rare, but can and does happen)

Should I cover my HVAC outdoor unit in the fall and winter months? While covering your unit can prevent debris and UV rays from damaging the system, it will also cause problems if you continue to use it while it is covered up. It’s best to have it free, open, and uncovered always during usage and only cover if you will not be using the system for an extended period.

Why do I hear a popping or clicking/clacking sound when my unit comes on or goes off? If you are hearing this sound inside your home, the most common culprit is a dirty or improperly sized air filter. Check it and change it now. Another less common issue is improperly sized ductwork.

What is a zoning system? A zoning system segments your home’s HVAC ductwork into two or even more sections. This allows you to operate one HVAC system for several rooms or even floors of your home with each room/floor working independently on its own Thermostat while effectively increasing or decreasing the air temperature of that room or floor of the home. Zoning systems are made up of ductwork, in-line dampers that direct air to and from as well as Thermostats and zoning control boards.

How can I know if my HVAC equipment is still under warranty? In general, regardless of the situation, all HVAC equipment will at least carry a 5-year parts warranty and if it is registered properly to the original owner, it will carry a 10-year warranty. To find out more check the label (model and serial number) on the outer surface of your equipment and contact us for more information.

What can I do about indoor air quality? Indoor air quality has become one of the hottest topics in the HVAC industry. There are multiple ways to improve your Indoor Air Quality, commonly referred to as “IAQ”. Here are just a few items that can help:

  • Cold Air Plasma Generator
  • Whole house air filtration system
  • Ultraviolet Lighting inside the HVAC unit

For answers to even more questions give us a call today!