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Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is a family owned and family operated business that has served the needs of the area's residential and commercial customers since 1967. We proudly support our Military, our First Responders and our Police Officers. Thank you for all that you do!

As a Multi-Branded Dealer including Carrier, GENERAC, and more, Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers unsurpassed sales, customized installations, and servicing of heating and air conditioning systems along with sales and service of Residential Home Standby Generators. Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is Onslow County's first air conditioning company to offer full-time heating and cooling service agreements. Just like your automobile, regular service of your heating and cooling equipment keeps your system running at top-notch performance.

We also have a full line of Indoor Air Quality equipment with a staff that is knowledgeable and dedicated to improving your home's indoor air.

Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc proudly employs NATE certified Technicians. We have dedicated Installation Technicians, Service Agreement Technicians and Service Technicians, add to that a World Class knowledgeable Team of Comfort Consultants and you have your "Indoor Weather Dream Team"!

In the cold of winter, in the heat of summer, or on those days that make living in Eastern North Carolina the envy of the nation, Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.'s employees always provide customers quality service in a timely manner at a fair price.

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Humphrey Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc proudly employs NATE Certified Technicians. We have dedicated Installation Technicians, Service Agreement Technicians and Service Technicians, add to that a World Class knowledgeable Team of Comfort Consultants and you have your "Indoor Weather Dream Team"!



We want to thank you, Humphrey and Ryan Bates for rescuing us!

Earlier this month, we had been in a 10 day back and forth with another company and getting nowhere about a heating problem. Those days that it was in the 20 degrees our heater ran for 12 hours straight with the heat strips on and could only get the house to hold at 66 degrees. This was with a Trane unit that was 18 months old. We were given the story that heat pumps have a hard time at those kind of temps. I cannot (do not) want to live in my house at 68 degrees! I am older and 77 degrees is my preferred setting in the daytime. Thank goodness we have a fireplace with gas logs that could heat the whole house if really needed. We were also using a portable heater in the room where we spend most of the day. I could just see dollar signs piling up with every hour that this went on.

We had identified what was probably two issues. Of course, the unit not achieving desired temp running continuously was the major concern. We had noticed for about a week or 10 days that the temp in the house was significantly different at the two ends. We have lived in this ranch about 70 feet long for 18 years. The kitchen, living room, breakfast room and dining room was about 6-10 degrees cooler than the other end of the house. Evidently the first service man did not recall that part of our concern and he focused on the heat pump. He was asked to check for some sort of disconnect in the duct system which he said was OK.

After 3 visits we did not have a resolution to the problem. They were going to consult with a Trane engineer to see if the output of the heat strips could be greater.

I decided we needed to consult with someone else. You had installed the original unit when this house was built. At a time when businesses were struggling, we made it a practice to try and use local businesses when we could. That was a mistake.

I called you guys and explained our situation to the lady who answered the phone and was so surprised when she said a tech could be here the next day. Halleluiah. I had expected to have to wait for at least a week!

Ryan Bates to the rescue! He came in, listened to our story and said he would see what he could find. Initially he thought there was a heat pump problem. Anyway, he checked out the unit, inside the attic and

outside. He also made a check of the entire duct system which was not an easy task as we have a high ceiling mid house which he had to navigate around to get to the "cool" area of the house. Low and behold he did find that at some time in the past the ducts had been released from their supports and had indeed now come apart, dumping heat into the attic and not the rooms! With that discovery he felt that the heat pump was maybe not the problem but was just trying to overcome the loss of heat in the attic. He reconnected the ducts and the supports. He looked like he had been in a sauna when he came back down from the attic!

After explaining all this to us, he recommended that nothing more should be done to the heat pump right now and see if we had taken care of both problems with the fixing the ducts. We agreed. There was immediate improvement. Life has been good now!

Ryan was professional, listened and showed a real interest in fixing our problem. Explained it to us, answered questions. He is certainly an outstanding representative of your business.

After thinking about the duct situation, we think that a business that did the dehumidifying of the kitchen end of the house/ attic after a hurricane may have "adjusted the ducts" so they could get in the big dehumidifiers they were using to dry out the attic. There was damage to the roof and a section of the ceiling in the kitchen fell down from the rain leaking in, so we had dehumidifiers everywhere for several days. When the units were removed, most likely by someone different, the ducts were not secured back as they should have been. Over time they had worked loose.

Again, we do so appreciate what Ryan was able to do for us. - Margaret and Herman Jennette